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Hydraulic cylinders
for special machinery.

We operate for more than 30 years

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The Stroymashservice Group of Companies is a recognized leader on the russian market of hydraulic equipment for special equipment. Cylinders of JSC "Yeletshydroagregat", a plant of the group of companies, are in demand by such equipment manufacturing plants as CJSC "Petersburg Tractor Plant", JSC "Galich Crane Plant", CJSC "INMAN".

more than__
1.7 milliard of rubles
Company turnover
more than__
6 km
Pipes used for production
2021 date
more than__
6 units
Average monthly output of cylinders
2021 date


Examples of stages in the production of hydraulic cylinders the whole process

Section of CNC lathes

Pistons, front covers and other hydraulic cylinder parts are processed here.

Processing of the hydraulic cylinder body

Processing of the hydraulic cylinder body on a universal lathe RT492

Universal Lathe

Allows us to process parts with a length of more than eight meters.

Deep Drilling and boring machine

The cutting method used is the BTA (Boring Trepanning Association) single-tube system, another name is STS (Single Tube System).

Assembly site of the hydraulic cylinders

Transfer conveyor. The assembled cylinders are moved to the stands for hydraulic testing.




Group of companies “Stroymashservice” cooperates with Russian and foreign companies to supply our JSC “Eletsgidroagregat” hydraulic cylinders production with materials and parts also doing business with ready-made hydraulic cylinders of other companies.

In addition to hydraulic cylinders, our group of companies supplies our clients with full spectrum of hydraulic equipment for special machinery, including but not limited to pumps, hydraulic valves, filters and other components. With our advanced regional dealers network we can work efficiently in entirety of Russia, providing access to our goods.



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